Present Continuous Tenses-Worksheet-3

Present Continuous Tenses Worksheet-3


  1. Choose the correct question for the given answer.

        ‘Yes, I’m fine, thank you.’

(A) Where are you going?              (B) Are you hungry?

(C) Are you feeling Ok?                   (D) Were you feeling well?


  1. Choose the correct question for the given answer

        ‘Yes, take an umbrella.’

(A) It is raining.                                (B) Is it raining?

(C) Does it rain?                               (D) None of these is appropriate


  1. Choose the correct question for the given answer

        It’s not cold.

(A) What are you doing?               

(B) Where are you going?

(C) How are you doing?                 

(D) Why are you wearing a coat?


  1. Which of the following sentence/s is/are in present continuous form?

(A) I have taken my lunch              (B) Yesterday, I went to market.

(C) The sun rises in the east.          (D) Ram is reading the newspaper.


  1. Which of the following sentence is not written in present continuous form?

(A) What are the children doing?

(B) They’re watching television?

(C) We are having dinner.

(D) I have done my work.


  1. Choose the proper question to the given answer.

        Anu is going to market.

(A) Where is Anu going ?                (B) What is Anu cooking?

(C) What is Anu wearing ?             (D) What is Anu buying ?


  1. Which of the following is not an interrogative form of present continuous tense ?

(A) Is she going to market ?          

(B) Are you waiting for Simmi?

(C) I am having a party tonight.    

(D) Who are you waiting for?


  1. Choose the possible answer to the given question.

        Are you going now?

(A) Yes, I am.                                    (B) Yes she is.

(C) No he isn’t                                  (D) Yes I was.


  1. Pammi is working today. Write interrogative form of the given sentence.

(A) Was Pammi working yesterday ?

(B) Has Pammi worked today ?

(C) Is Pammi working today ?

(D) Did Pammi work yesterday ?


  1. Write negative of the given question.

        Is it raining?

(A) Isn’t it raining ?                         (B) It is not raining.

(C) Was it raining ?                         (D) Wasn’t it raining ?


Answer Key:

(1)-(C); (2)-(B); (3)-(D); (4)-(D); (5)-(D); (6)-(A); (7)-(C); (8)-(A); (9)-(C); (10)-(A)