Tense mixed review Worksheet-47

Tense mixed review Worksheet-47


  1. I ____the car on Wednesday.

A. Doesn’t wash                            B. Don’t wash

C. Not wash                                    D. washes


  1. We ____ on Sunday.

A. Not cook                                    B. Doesn’t cook

C. Don’t cook                                 D. cooks


  1. You ____the car on Friday.

A. Doesn’t wash                            B. Don’t wash

C. washes                                        D. Are wash


  1. She ____ the car on Saturday.

A. Doesn’t washes                        B. Doesn’t wash

C. Don’t washes                            D. Don’t wash


  1. We ____play on Sunday.

A. Doesn’t play                              B. Don’t play

C. Doesn’t plays                            D. plays


  1. ____he ____English on Friday ?

A. Does, study                               B. Do, study

C. Does, studies                            D. Do, studies


  1. ____you ____ the car on Thursday?

A. Do, wash                                    B. Does, wash

C. Does, washes                            D. Do, washes


  1. ____they ____to market on Wednesday?

A. Do, go            B. Does, go        C. Does, goes    D. Do, goes


  1. ____she ____English on Thursday?

A. Does, teach                               B. Do, teach

C. Does, teaches                            D. Do, teaches


  1. Tanu and Amy ____on Wednesday.

A. Cook                                           B. Cooks

C. Don’t cooks                               D. Doesn’t cook


  1. Deepu and I ____ on Tuesday.

A. No cook                                      B. Don’t cook

C. Doesn’t cook                              D. cooks


  1. ____Harita ____ on Sunday?

A. Does, cook                                 B. Does, cooks

C. Do, cooks                                   D. Do, cook


  1. Avi and Kavi ____ the car on Friday.

A. washes                                       B. Don’t wash

C. Doesn’t wash                            D. Don’t washes


  1. ____Jaya ____ the car on Saturday.

A. Don’t, wash                               B. Doesn’t, wash

C. Does, washes                            D. Don’t, washes


  1. Kammu, Urmi, and I ____to market on Monday.

A. go                  B. goes                C. going              D. Don’t goes


  1. The students ____ English on Thursday.

A. Don’t study                               B. Doesn’t study

C. Don’t studies                             D. studies


  1. Rama ____ English on Friday.

A. Doesn’t learn                            B. Don’t learn

C. Doesn’t learns                          D. Don’t learns


  1. ____I ____ the car on Thursday?

A. Don’t, wash                               B. Do, washes

C. Doesn’t, wash                           D. Don’t, washes


  1. Richa: Hi, Nina. Can I help you?

Nina: Yes. You ____ the car, and I will cook dinner.

Richa: Okay. Good plan!

A. wash              B. washes           C. Don’t wash   D. Doesn’t wash


  1. Monica ____eggs.

A. Don’t eat                                    B. Doesn’t eat

C. Doesn’t eats                              D. Don’t eats


Answer Key:

(21)-B; (22)-C; (23)-B; (24)-B; (25)-B; (26)-A; (27)-A; (28)-A; (29)-A; (30)-A; (31)-B; (32)-A; (33)-B; (34)-B; (35)-A; (36)-A; (37)-A; (38)-A; (39)-A; (40)-B