Tense mixed review Worksheet-53

Tense mixed review Worksheet-53


  1. You ____now.

A. Are eating     B. Were eating  C. eat                  D. Aren’t eat


  1. We ____the vacation now.

A. Are planning                             B. Were planning

C. planned                                      D. plan


  1. They ____the game.

A. Have already started              B. Has already started

C. Already start                             D. Didn’t started


  1. They ____the game now.

A. Have already stopped             B. Has already stopped

C. Already stop                              D. Didn’t stop


  1. He ____in the pool yesterday.

A. Was not swim                           B. Doesn’t swim

C. Was swimming                        D. swims


  1. He ____in the bed now.

A. Is sleeping                                 B. sleeps

C. Was sleeping                             D. sleep


  1. She ____at the mall last week.

A. Didn’t shop                               B. Didn’t shopped

C. Has not shopped                      D. shops


  1. She ____with her friends last week.

A. Went out                                    B. Has gone out

C. Goes out                                     D. Is going out


  1. Jaya ____to music.

A. Doesn’t like to listen               B. Like to listen

C. Don’t like to listen                   D. Like to listens


  1. I ____ my lunch.

A. Have already taken                 B. Have not take

C. Has already taken                   D. Didn’t took


  1. Anu and Jaya ____a cake right now.

A. Are making                               B. Have making

C. Were making                            D. make


  1. She ____ be quiet! The teacher ____now!

A. speak                                          B. Is speaking

C. Doesn’t speak                           D. Has spoken


  1. Manu and I ____homework.

A. Have done    B. Has done      C. Is doing         D. Have do


  1. Are Daya and Jaya playing football this year?  No, they____ soccer.

A. Are not playing                        B. Are playing

C. Have played                              D. Have not played


  1. Anu ____breakfast now.

A. Is having                                    B. Was having

C. Were having                              D. has


  1. My car ____strange noises. I need to get it checked out.

A. Has made     B. Have made   C. made              D. Is making


  1. Mr. Sharma:  Hello. May I speak to Anupam?

Bobby:  No, he ____right now.  May I take a message?

A. Is sleeping                                 B. Have slept

C. Was sleeping                             D. sleeps


  1. Jaya: Is Rosy coming to the park with us?

Yamini:  No, she ____today.

Jaya: Oh, poor girl!

A. Is working                                 B. Was working

C. Has worked                               D. works


  1. Right now, I ____groceries.  I need eggs, milk, and bread.

A. Was buying  B. Am buying    C. bought           D. buy


  1. We ____dinner.  It tastes good. Can you pass me the salt, please?

A. Were eating                              B. Have eaten

C. Are eating                                  D. eat


Answer Key:

(61)-A; (62)-A; (63)-A; (64)-A; (65)-C; (66)-A; (67)-A; (68)-A; (69)-A; (70)-A; (71)-A; (72)-B; (73)-A; (74)-B; (75)-A; (76)-D; (77)-A; (78)-A; (79)-B; (80)-C