Verb Exercise-4 [Level-4]

Verb Practice Exercise-4 [Level-4]

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  1. The sun ____ in the east every day. (is rising/rises/was rising)

(a) is rising

(b) rises

(c) rising


  1. Yesterday, we ____ our homework at 6 o'clock. (are doing / was doing / were doing)


(a) bare doing

(b) was doing

(c) were doing


  1. The goods train ____ at 6 p.m. (will arriving / arrives / was arriving)

(a) will arriving

(b) arrives

(c) was arriving


  1. Sanjay ____ his lunch in the canteen now. (eats / was eating / is eating)

(a) eat

(b) was eating

(c) is eating


  1. The baby is awake; it ____ till 10 a.m. (was sleeping / is sleeping / sleeps)

(a) was sleeping

(b) is sleeping

(c) sleeps


  1. The earth ____ round the sun. (goes / went / go)

(a) goes

(b) went

(c) go


  1. The teacher ____ the students a story in the last period every day.

(a) is telling

(b) was telling

(c) tells


  1. My mother ____ to Mumbai tomorrow.

(a) was going

(b) is going

(c) go


  1. Last month all of us ____ hard for our exams.

(a) are studying

(b) was studying

(c) were studying


  1. The young man ____ to the gardener at this minute.

(a) talks

(b) was talking

(c) is talking



  1. rises

  2. were doing

  3. arrives

  4. is eating

  5. was sleeping

  6. goes

  7. tells

  8. is going

  9. were studying

  10. is talking


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