English 'n' logic worksheet-4


  1. I like ____soccer.

(a) to play           (b) to eat            (c) to sing          (d) to make


  1. I like ____chicken.

(a) to eat             (b) to play          (c) to make        (d) to talk


  1. I like ____songs.

(a) to eat             (b) to run           (c) to sing           (d) to cook

Try more practice tests

  1. She likes ________movies.

(a) to talk           (b) to watch      (c) to sing           (d) to jump


  1. He likes ______at parties.

(a) to sleep        (b) to watch      (c) to make        (d) to dance


  1. We want _______water.

(a) to cook         (b) to drink        (c) to work         (d) to walk


  1. They want ____to the mall.

(a) to go              (b) to make       (c) to cook         (d) to talk


  1. You like ________new people.

(a) to sleep        (b) to read         (c) to cook         (d) to meet


  1. Ashique likes ____to people.

(a) to look         (b) to cook         (c) to sleep         (d) to talk


  1. Molly is tired. She wants______.

(a) to sing         (b) to walk         (c) to sleep         (d) to work


Answer Keys:

(31) A; (32) A; (33) C; (34) B; (35) D; (36) B; (37) A; (38) D; (39) D; (40) C