The Green Plants Worksheet-4

The Green Plants Worksheet-4


Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. Water is carried by the _____ to the leaves.

(a) stem                       (b) flowers                  (c) roots


  1. Which of the following gas is given out through the stomata?

(a) Carbon dioxide    (b) Oxygen                  (c) Hydrogen


  1. What is the process by which leaves make their own food called?

(a) Photosynthesis    (b) Phytosynthesis


  1. What is the food prepared by the process of photosynthesis called?

(a) water                     (b) salt                         (c) sugar


  1. The _____ of the plant take the prepared food from the leaves.

(a) stem                       (b) flowers                  (c) roots


  1. The branches of the plant take the prepared food from the _____.

(a) roots                       (b) leaves                     (c) flowers


  1. In which form does a plant stores the extra food?

(a) Starch                    (b) Fat                          (c) Protein


  1. Green plants are the main _____ of food.

(a) producers             (b) consumers            (c) absorbers


  1. Plants give out _____ gas.

(a) carbon dioxide    (b) oxygen                   (c) nitrogen


Multiple Choice Questions: (More than One Option)

  1. Tick the leaves of such plant that can be eaten as food.

[a] Spinach       [b] Cabbage      [c] Mango          [d] Apple


  1. Tick the things a leaf requires to prepare food.

[a] Sunlight                                    [b] Carbon dioxide

[c] Water                                        [d] Oxygen

[e] Hydrogen


  1. Tick the part/s of a plant in which a plnat stores its extra food.

[a] Roots            [b] Stems                    [c] Leaves          [d] Fruits

[e] Flowers


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-B; (3)-A; (4)-C; (5)-A; (6)-B; (7)-A; (8)-A; (9)-B; (10)-A,B; (11)-A,B,C; (12)-A,B,C,D,E