Keeping Safe Worksheet-5

Keeping Safe Worksheet-5


Multiple  choice questions:  (with more than one option)

  1. Be careful while walking on

A. Bridge                                        B. Crossing roads

C. Wet bathroom floors              D. Water

E. Animals                                     F. Food


  1. We can play with the objects like

A.                                    B.

C.                 D.

E.                 F.


  1. We should follow these rules while going in the school bus

A. Should get into a moving bus

B. Should play in the bus

C. Should stand in a queue

D. Should push friend inside the bus

E. Should keep quiet in the bus

F. Should not stick our face on the moving bus.


  1. If you are injured,  whom should you go to?

A.   doctor

B.   postman

C.    policeman

D. adult

E. Soldier


  1. Which colours are there on the traffic signal?

A. Red                B. Yellow           C. Green             D. Blue

E. White             F. Black


  1. Mark the  correct ways for  crossing the road.

A. Zebra crossing                         B. Footpath

C. Middle of the road                  D. On the car


  1. What should be given to the injured person?

A. Car                 B. Bicycle           C. First aid        D. Bandage

E. Antiseptic lotion                      F. Book


  1. Mark the rules which we should follow while we stay at home.

A. Take care While climbing the stairs

B. Take care While eating food

C. Take care While drinking milk

D. Take care While doing homework

E. Take care while walking in a wet bathroom


  1. What are the safety rules to be followed at the school?

A. Not to run in the classroom

B. Always stand in queue at bus stand

C. Not to fight with friends

D. Pushing your friends

E. Playing in the classroom


  1. Mark the things needed in the first-aid box?

A.                      B.

C.                                 D.



  1. We can do a lot of things like

A. Reading        B. walking         C. running         D. eating

E. Roaring         F. Barking


  1. Mark the things which should not be left on the floor.

A. toys                B. bags               C. books             D. Chair

E. Table


  1. Which of the following  things  should be thrown into the dustbin.

A. Toffee  wrappers                     B. fruit peels

C. Vegetable peels                        D. Books

E. School bags


  1. While crossing the road, you should look

A. Right              B. Left                C. Up                   D. Down

E. Front             F. Back


Answer Key:

  1. A,B,C
  2. A,B,D,F
  3. C,E,F
  4. A,D
  5. A,B,C
  6. A,B
  7. C,D,E
  8. A,E
  9. A,B,C
  10. A,B,D
  11. A,B,C,D
  12. A,B,C
  13. A,B,C
  14. A,B