Vocabulary Worksheet-10

Vocabulary Worksheet-10


  1. fascinate

A. having no air

B. to attract and hold the attention and interest of

C. at the front or head

D. used to hail a ship or a person


  1. checkmate

A. to grant consent

B. full of anticipation

C. any situation in which no escape is possible and defeat is certain

D. struck by shock or terror


  1. famished

A. very hungry

B. being of advanced age

C. a list of things to be done

D. in a direction or course opposite to


  1. charitable

A. in a floating position

B. a written declaration made under oath

C. to have the financial means for

D. generous in donations or benevolent actions for a needy person


  1. Gorging means

A. to be satisfied                           B. to fill up; stuffed

C. to eat slowly                              D. to dream


  1. Shake with cold, fear, or excitement

A. shiver             B. shrivel up      C. debt                D. epidemic


  1. A person who makes and mends clothes to earn money

A. merchant                                   B. miner

C. craftsmanship                          D. tailor


  1. A spice plant that grows underground.

A. wither            B. bear fruit      C. ginger root   D. sprout


  1. Sad not cheerful

A. dull                 B. damp             C. debt                D. gloomy


Answer Key:

  1. B

  2. C

  3. A

  4. D

  5. B

  6. A

  7. D

  8. C

  9. A