Vocabulary Worksheet-6

Vocabulary Worksheet-6


  1. I am still waiting for a_____ to my letter.

A. vanity             B. response       C. indicate         D. none of these


  1. You must be eighteen years old to_____ to vote in an election.

A. response       B. thaw               C. burden          D. qualify


  1. Our teacher asked us to  turn back to the_____ page.

A. indicate         B. vanity             C. previous        D. consent


  1. The nurse told me that a skin rash may_____ an allergy or an insect bite.

A. indicate         B. previous        C. urgent            D. vanity


  1. A dog, cat, or horse are all considered to be_____

A. biped             B. quadrangle   C. quadrupeds  D. quadrant


  1. I am sorry to____ you with all of these heavy packages.

A. burden          B. qualify           C. thaw               D. vanity


  1. Because there were three political parties involved in the debate it was considered____

A. unilateral      B. bilateral        C. trilateral       D. trilingual


  1. The opposite of subtraction is:

A. multiplication                          B. addition

C. subtraction                               D. division


  1. Which word includes both a prefix and a suffix?

A. thoughtless   B. unstuck         C. apparently    D. misjudged


  1. burned enough to blacken

A. smarted        B. illuminated  C. cinders          D. charred


Answer Key:

  1. B

  2. D

  3. C

  4. A

  5. C

  6. A

  7. C

  8. B

  9. D

  10. D