Water and its importance Worksheet-4

Water and its importance Worksheet-4


Multiple -Choice Question:

  1. How does vapour from the clouds become rain?

(a) through condensation               (b) through precipitation

(c) through pumps in the air (d) by flowing in underground filters


  1. What percentage of human body cell is composed of water?

(a) 75-90%          (b) 30-60%          (c) 5%                  (d) 80%


  1. Currently what percentage of world’s population is facing serious water shortage?

(a) 50%                (b) 30%                (c) 40%                (d) 25%


  1. What are the drops of water formed on the cool surface during the night called?

(a) rain                 (b) dew                (c) steam             (d) snow


  1. Where is water vapour found?

(a) in steam from a kettle               (b) in the air around us

(c) in our breath                              (d) all of these


  1. How many people in world lack access to adequate sanitation facilities?

(a) 2.4 billion people                       (b) 1.2 million people

(c) 3.5 billion people                       (d) 5 million people


  1. How many children die every year as a result of diseases caused by unclean water and poor sanitation?

(a) 4.2 million children                   (b) 1.8 million children

(c) 2.8 million children                   (d) 3.4 million children


  1. From which of the following source maximum evaporation takes   place?

(a) Oceans           (b) Rivers             (c) Lakes              (d) Puddles


  1. In July 1995, the Central Ganga Authority was redesignated and given the responsibility of coordinating and implementing schemes under the Ganga and other Action Plans. What is it now known as? 

(a) National River Conservation Directorate

(b) Indira Gandhi Canal Project

(c) Central Water Commission

(d) Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission


  1. The earth has an envelope of water in its various forms that includes water bodies and water vapour in the atmosphere. What is this aqueous envelope called?

(a) Biosphere       (b) Atmosphere  (c) Hemisphere   (d) Hydrosphere


Answer Key:

  1. (a)
  2. (a)
  3. (c)
  4. (b)
  5. (d)
  6. (a)
  7. (b)
  8. (a)
  9. (a)
  10. (d)