English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-41

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-41


  1. Select the best EFFECT for the following CAUSE.

Natasha loved music.

A. "she couldnt go the concert last month"

B. her brother likes karate

C. She can dance too

D. she had many music CDs


  1. They will mail _____ forms by tomorrow.

A. them              B. they                C. themselves   D. their


  1. Harish was standing ____ the window.

A. for                  B. by                    C. since              D. from


  1. We visited _____ Taj Mahal last year.

A. the                  B. a                      C. an                  D. None of these


  1. Identify the complete predicate.

My brother lost his homework folder.

A. My brother                                B. folder

C. his homework folder                 D. lost his homework folder


  1. The superlative of little is:

A. less                 B. more little     C. least               D. most little


  1. Select the adjective in the following sentence.

They use their pointed teeth to hold on to prey.

A. teeth               B. prey                C. pointed          D. all of these


  1. Jay _______ the letter tomorrow.

A. will mailing     B. mailed           C. will mail        D. mailing


  1. Which sentence is an example of past tense?

A. When I got home, they had just left.

B. They will leave tonight.

C. Are you staying home tonight?

D. Will she be home to receive us?


  1. Replace the noun in bracket with the correct pronoun.

"My (sisters) job is the best in the world!"

A. she                  B. he                   C. hers                D. mine


Answer Key:

(1)-D; (2)-D; (3)-B; (4)-A; (5)-D; (6)-C; (7)-C; (8)-C; (9)-A; (10)-C