English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-13

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-13


  1. We went ______ the stadium to watch the hockey game.

A. two                 B. too                  C. then                D. to


  1. Find the correct meaning of the words/idiom written in the bracket.

Stones around the corner could become a problem. But Anu nipped the problem in the bud (by removing the sharp stones).

A. To break something

B. To start something very late

C. To stop something very early

D. Pick flowers


  1. Identify the part of speech of the word in the bracket.

Manav was (trying) to help me with the project.

A. Pronoun        B. Noun              C. Adjective       D. Verb


  1. The students finished their project on time.

A. their               B. project           C. finished         D. time


  1. Identify the noun referred by the pronoun in the bracket in the given sentence.

The apple pie was so delicious that everyone wanted one more piece of (it).

A. everyone       B. piece              C. apple pie       D. delicious


  1. "This luggage belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Man, its ______."

A. theirs             B. they                C. them              D. that


  1. Find the action verb in the given sentence.

Jasmine covered the table with a bright red cloth.

A. Jasmine, covered                    B. table, Jasmine

C. bright, cloth                              D. covered


  1. Fill in the blanks

Maya _______ me a place to stay for the night.

A. gave               B. giving             C. give                D. gone


  1. Which sentence is an example of simple past tense?

A. I am watching a movie.

B. I saw a movie yesterday.

C. I have been watching a movie.

D. I will watch movie tonight.


  1. Select the correct form of the simple past tense for the irregular verb.


A. Sought           B. Seeked           C. Saked             D. Sake


Answer Key:

(1)-D; (2)-C; (3)-D; (4)-A; (5)-C; (6)-A; (7)-D; (8)-A; (9)-B; (10)-A