Pronouns Worksheet-7

Pronouns Worksheet-7


  1. Replace the underlined direct object with a CORRECT direct object pronoun.

I drove the children to school.

A. them              B. him                C. her                  D. it


  1. A ____ of the workers were against the new policies.

A. someone       B. no one            C. either             D. few


  1. Replace the underlined word(s) with a CORRECT object pronoun.

I met Mary, Lily and Pinky at the party.

A. their               B. her                  C. them              D. hers


  1. Fill in the blank with a CORRECT object pronoun.

I like watching movies with ____.

A. she                  B. her                  C. he                   D. hers


  1. These bracelets are different. _____ has twenty beads, but ____ has only twelve.

A. yours, me                                 B. yours, my

C. yourself, mine                          D. yours, mine


  1. Neither Janak nor _____ am responsible for this delay.

A. me                  B. I                      C. its                   D. him


  1. We should discuss ______ project plan with Mr. Hooda.

A. our                 B. us                    C. them              D. hers


  1. Fill in the blank with a CORRECT relative pronoun.

The toy car _____ dad bought has a dent on it.

A. that                B. whom            C. it                     D. whose


  1. Which option shows demonstrative pronouns?

A. myself, yourself, herself, ourselves, themselves

B. Me, You, Him, Her, Them,

C. neither, none, nobody,

D. this, that, these, those


  1. Identify the underlined pronoun.

Susan left her purse at the restaurant.

A. Relative pronoun                     B. Indefinite pronoun

C. Personal pronoun                    D. Reflexive pronoun


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-D; (3)-C; (4)-B; (5)-D; (6)-B; (7)-A; (8)-A; (9)-D; (10)-C