Science olympiad grade 3-Test-10

grade 3 science olympiad preparation worksheets


  1. carrots are not good for us

(A) True             (B) False


  1. When one side of the earth is facing the sun and experiencing summer, what season is the other side experiencing?

(A) summer      (B) winter          (C) spring          (D) fall

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  1. What is a tool that is used to magnify, or enlarge an object's features.

(A) Hand Lens  (B) Dropper      (C) Forceps       (D) Spring Scale


  1. From top to bottom, how is soil layered?

(A) subsoil, topsoil, bedrock      (B) topsoil, bedrock, subsoil

(C) bedrock, subsoil, topsoil      (D) topsoil, subsoil, bedrock


Answer Keys

(37)–B; (38)–B; (39)–A; (40)–D