Life Processes Worksheet-36

Life Processes Worksheet-36


Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. Which of the following blood vessel contains valves?

(a) Arteries                                    (b) Veins

(c) Capillaries                               (d) All of the above


  1. The blood coming from lungs passes into: -

(a) Right auricle                           (b) Right ventricle

(c) Left auricle                              (d) Left ventricle


  1. Where is hemoglobin located?

(a) Plasma membrane of Erythrocytes

(b) Plasma membrane of leucocytes

(c) Nuclear membrane of Erythrocytes

(d) Nuclear membrane of leucocytes


  1. Which of the following statement is true about hemoglobin

(a) It is a carrier of Oxygen molecule.

(b) It provide red colour to the blood

(c) It is a protein with additional iron group

(d) All of the above


  1. Blood pressure is measured by an instrument known as: -

(a) Manometer                             (b) Barometer

(c) Sphygmobarometer              (d) Sphygmomanometer


  1. Which organ converts deoxygenated blood to oxygenated blood?

(a) Heart            (b) Lungs           (c) Stomach      (d) Kidney


  1. Which of the following cells are also known as “Ghost cell”?

(a) Platelets                                    (b) Leucocytes

(c) Monocytes                                (d) Erythrocytes


  1. Which of the following blood cell is an agranulocyte?

(a) Monocyte                                 (b) Eosinophill

(c) Basophill                                  (d) Neutrophill


  1. Which of the following plasma protein helps in coagulation of blood during some injury?

(a) Albulmin                                  (b) Fibrinogen

(c) Globulin                                   (d) Heparin


  1. Which blood cells help in providing protection to the body?

(a) Erythrocytes                            (b) Leucocytes

(c) Thrombocytes                         (d) Platelets


  1. The engulfment and digestion of foreign particles and bacteria is

(a) Amoeboid movement            (b) Phagocytosis

(c) Exocytosis                                (d) Leucocytosis


  1. Which chamber of the heart has the thickest wall?

(a) Right atrium                            (b) Left atrium

(c) Left ventricle                            (d) Right ventricle


  1. Which of the following cells secretes thrombin to activate blood clotting system?

(a) Platelets                                   (b) Macrophages

(c) Monocytes                               (d) Lymphocytes


  1. Lymphocytes protects our body by secreting: -

(a) Antibodies                               (b) Antigens

(c) Heparin                                    (d) Enzymes


  1. Exchange of material between blood and interstitial fluid occurs only at the

(a) veins             (b) venule           (c) arteries        (d) capillaries  



  1. (c)

  2. (c)

  3. (a)

  4. (d)

  5. (d)

  6. (b)

  7. (d)

  8. (a)

  9. (b)

  10. (b)

  1. (b)

  2. (c)

  3. (a)

  4. (a)

  5. (d)