Reproduction in animals Worksheet-1

Reproduction in animals Worksheet-1


Fill in the blanks:

  1. The process in which plants and animals produce offspring of their own type is known as ______.

  2. The reproductive parts in animals also produce gametes that fuse to form a _____.

  3. The type of reproduction beginning from the fusion of male and female gametes is called _____ reproduction

  4. Testes produce the male gametes called _____.

  5. Ovaries produce female gametes called ______.

  6. Fusion of the egg and the sperm is called ______.

  7. The stage of the embryo in which all the body parts can be identified is called a ____.

  8. Abbreviation of IVF is ______.

  9. The animals which give birth to young ones are called _____ animals.

  10. The transformation of the larva into an adult through drastic hormonal changes is called ______.

  11. When new individuals develop from the buds then this type of asexual reproduction is called ______.

  12. Amoeba reproduce through ______.

  13. Cloning of an animal was successfully performed for the first time by _____.

  14. Ian Wilmut cloned a sheep named ______.

  15. Dolly died on ______ February 2003

  16. In honey bees the fertilized eggs hatch into females, while the unfertilized eggs give rise to males, called ______.



  1. Reproduction

  2. Zygote

  3. Sexual

  4. Sperms

  5. Ova or egg

  6. Fertilization

  7. Foetus

  8. In vitro fertilization

  9. Viviparous

  10. Metamorphosis

  11. Budding

  12. Binary fission

  13. Ian Wilmut

  14. Dolly

  15. 14th

  16. Drones