History of clothing



•    In ancient times, people used the bark and big leaves of trees or animal skins and furs to cover themselves.

•    After people began to settle in agricultural communities, they learnt to weave twigs and grass into mats and baskets.

•    According to archaeologists, the earliest clothing likely consisted of fur, leather, leaves, or grass that were draped, wrapped, or tied around the body.

•    Archeologists have identified sewing needles of bone and ivory from about 30,000 BC.

•    It is believed that wool was the first animal fibre to be weaved into cloth.

•    People started raising sheep for wool about 6000 years ago.

•    Domestication of silkworms to produce silk occurred around 3000 BC in China.

•    Fibre plants such as cotton and hemp came into use after the development of agriculture.

•    These fibres were spun into thread and made into clothes.

•    In India, cotton came into widespread use around 3000 BC.