•    The root is the part of a plant that lies below the surface of the soil.

•    Roots of  some plants are consumed as food like:




  1. It is a root vegetable.

  2. It is usually orange in colour.

  3. Carrot juice is considered as a healthy drink.



  1. It is an edible root vegetable.

  2. Radishes are consumed throughout the world.

  3. Some radishes are grown for their seeds but oilseed radishes are grown for oil production.



  1. It is a root vegetable.

  2. It is very rich in vitamin C.

  3. The green leaves of turnip top are a good source of vitamins and calcium.


Sweet Potato:

  1. It is a type of root vegetable.

  2. It is rich in fibre, protein, and many vitamins.

  3. It ranks highest in nutritional value as compared to other vegetables.

  4. Despite; the name sweet; it is beneficial food for diabetics.



  1. It is also called as table root, red beet, garden beet, etc.

  2. It is very rich in some minerals like magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

  3. It is used to enhance the flavour and colour of tomato paste.



  1. It is a type of large root.

  2. It has high water content.

  3. Its leaf is consumed as green vegetable.

  4. Diakon radish sprouts are used for salad or garnishing.



  1. It is also a root vegetable.

  2. It is a major source of carbohydrate.

  3. It contains high amount of starch.

  4. It contains good amount of calcium.