As a child you would have played with small magnets. It seems like magic, when that little mysterious thing, called magnet, can pick up needles or stapler-pins and hold them indefinitely. But magnets are far from being a just a toy to play with. Magnets are essential part of many modern day machines, tools and measuring instruments/devices.

We all are familiar with magnetic compass that helps mariner find direction and maintain their course at sea. Door of a fridge when kept slightly open, pulls by itself and shuts. Doors of cupboard & almirah also close by such magnetic locking mechanism. Flaps of handbag & leather-diary click shut as they have magnet. When you hold a phone receiver close to your ear, a magnet records the vibrations set up by the voice of the person talking at the other end.  Magnets and magnetism finds lot of application in many industrial use.

  1. Stickers on doors of refrigerator/ almirah/cupboard attached to iron surface with magnet fitted at the back

  1. Pins stick to the holder with magnet fitted inside the pin holder

  1. Locking arrangement of diary and handbag have magnets concealed in the flaps

  1. Locking arrangement or closing mechanism of refrigerator doors have magnets fitted inside the rubber lining.

  1. Locking arrangement or closing mechanism of cupboard / almirah


Magnetic Segregator

  1. A magnet is attached to lower arm of crane that picks up iron from the heap of junk

  1. The needle of the magnetic compass is magnetised to give direction to the mariner

  1. A magnet records the vibrations set up by the voice / sound of the person in phone receiver

  1. Shaft of electric motor rotates in between two magnets