Safety and First Aid Worksheet-8

Safety and First Aid Worksheet-8


Multiple Choice Questions (with more than one option):

  1. Mark the reason/s that can cause a fire.

(A) Burning the firecrackers carelessly

(B) Playing with a knife

(C) Electrical fault

(D) Playing with broken toys

(E) Standing in front of swing


  1. Mark the thing/s that can be applied on insect bites.

(A) Salt solution

(B) An antiseptic cream

(C) Glucose solution

(D) A paste of baking soda

(E) Calamine solution


  1. True/False

a.      Touching electrical plug and switches with wet hands is a safe practice.

b.      Broken toys should be kept away from the children to avoid injuries.

c.      One should use footpath to walk on a busy road.

d.      One should clean the spillage on the floor immediately to avoid accidents.

e.      Road signs help us to reduce the risk of accidents.

f.       Road signs make use of pictures and symbols.

g.      If a person has fainted, make him/her lie down with his/her head lower than the body.

h.      We should keep the soap bars on floor to avoid accidents.

i.       Accidents can take place if we are careless.

j.       We should follow some safety rules while cooking.

k.      We should wash the burnt area with hot water.


Fill in the blanks:

  1. The area on the side of the road for people to walk is called ____.  


Answer Key:

(9)    (A,C)

(10)  (B,D,E)

(11)   a.-False; b.-True; c.-True; d.-True; e.-True; f.-True; g.-True; h.-False; i.-True; j.-True; k.-False

(12)  footpath