Grade 3 Olympiad mock test paper

Science Olympiad worksheets grade 3


(1)                 Which of the following situation makes you feel "dull?"

(a) bicycle riding.                                                    (b) eating spicy pizza

(c) Watching paint dry in a big room.  (d) Flying in a fast jet.


(2)                 What do bees do to survive?

(a) Drink nectar from the flowers.(b) Swim in water.

(c) Sit in a chair.                                  (d) None of these

(3)                 The mother ____ loves to cuddle her cubs.

(a) bear                  (b) beer                  (c) bare                  (d) bore

(4)                 What type of emotion does the following line show?

"I lost my ball, my truck and story book", said Gaurav wiping his tears with his palm.

(a) Sad                   (b) Angry                (c) Happy               (d) Bored

(5)                 Which sentence should end with a question mark?

(a) Crocodiles live in Australia

(b) Alligators live in North America

(c) Are alligators and crocodiles alike

(d) Alligators and crocodiles are reptiles

(6)                 Which of the following does NOT belong to the group?

(a) Carrot              (b) Broccoli           (c) Peas                  (d) Cake


(7)         Jaya loves playing with dolls. Mom bought her a doll.

Jaya is _______________.

(a) sad                   (b) hungry             (c) happy               (d) sleepy


(8)                 What is the difference between the biggest 3 digit number and smallest 4 digit number.

(a) 1999                 (b) 99                     (c) 1                        (d) 2


(9)                 What happens when there is an earthquake?

(a) the ground trembles and shakes                  (b) everything goes dark

(c) it starts raining                                (d) it gets cold


(10)                 Which might make you "giggle"?

(a) getting tickled by a feather          (b) eating a chocolate

(c) baking cookies with your mom   (d) mowing the lawn



(11)                 Select the correct verb to complete the sentence:

Karishma ________ her eyes with the hanker-chief. 

(a) wiping              (b) wipe                 (c) wiped               (d) over