Acids, bases and salts Worksheet-8

Acids, bases and salt Worksheet-8


One Word Questions:

  1. What will be the colour of litmus solution when it is added to soda water?

  2. Name the acid present in curd.

  3. What is the colour of phenolphthalein in dil. HCl ?

  4. What will be the colour of litmus paper in solution of bleaching powder in water?

  5. Which gas is evolved when zinc granules react with dil. H2SO4 ?

  6. What is the name of the compound formed when CO2 gas is passed through limewater?

  7. What will be the concentration of H+(aq) ions in the solution when pH = 0?

  8. What is pH of acid rain?

  9. What is the colour shown by universal indicator in neutral medium?

  10. A yellow coloured solution turns reddish pink in acidic solution. What is the substance called?

  11. Name an indicator extracted from Lichen?

  12. Egg shells are made of a compound (A) which when treated with dil. Hydrochloric acid evolves a gas (B). (B) turns lime water milky.

  13. What is the colour of phenolphthalein solution in basic medium?

  14. Acids are stored in _______ containers.

  15. Which gas is evolved when acids react with metal carbonates?

  16. Which non-metal  is common to all acids?

  17. Which ion is responsible for basic nature of base?

  18. Bases which are soluble in water are called.

  19.  is a

  20. Name a sodium compound which is used for making borax and glass.

  21. Name the constituents of soda-acid type of fire extinguishers.

  22. A substance which removes colour from coloured substances and make them colour less is called.


Answer keys:

  1. Red

  2. Lactic acid

  3. Colourless

  4. Blue

  5. Hydrogen

  6. Calcium carbonate

  7. 1

  8. 5/6

  9. Green

  10. Indicator

  11. Litmus

  12. A-Calcium carbonate B-Carbon dioxide.

  13. Pink

  14. Glass/Ceramic    

  15. Carbon dioxide/CO2

  16. Hydrogen.

  17. Hydroxide ion /(OH)

  18. Alkali.

  19. Neutralization Reaction.

  20. Sodium carbonate / washing soda

  21. Sodium hydrogen carbonate and sulphuric acid.

  22. Bleaching agent.