Air, Water & Weather Worksheet-4

Air, Water & Weather Worksheet-4


Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. What do we call very strong winds?

(a) Wind storms        (b) Gale                       (c) Breeze


  1. What are the strong winds along with thunder and lightning called?

(a) Thunderwinds     (b) Thunderstorms   (c) Lightning


  1. In which areas do sea breeze and land breeze take place?

(a) Coastal                  (b) Desert                    (c) Swampy


  1. Land heats up as well as cools down _____ than water.

(a) slower                    (b) faster


  1. What is the cool air rising from sea towards land called as?

(a) Sea breeze            (b) Land  breeze


  1. What is the warm air that rushes from land towards sea called?

(a) Sea breeze             (b) Land  breeze


  1. When does sea breeze blow?

(a) Morning                (b) Noon                      (c) Evening


  1. When does land breeze blow?

(a) Morning                (b) Noon                      (c) Evening


  1. More than ____% of the Earth's surface is covered with water.

(a) 80                           (b) 90                            (c) 70


  1. In how many forms do water exist?

(a) 1                               (b) 2                              (c) 3


Answer Key:

(1)-a; (2)-b; (3)-a; (4)-b; (5)-a; (6)-b; (7)-c; (8)-a; (9)-c; (10)-c