Air, Water & Weather Worksheet-9

Air, Water & Weather Worksheet-9


Fill in the blank

  1. The blanket of air surrounding the Earth's surface is known as ______.

  2. The process in which water is cleaned by passing it through filter paper is called _____.

  3. The process in which the insoluble impurities settle down is called   _______.

  4. The amount of water vapour present in the air is called _______.

  5. The process in which water is gently poured out after sedimentation is called _______.

  6. The process in which chlorine is added to kill germs is called _______.

  7. The movement of the Earth around the sun is called______.

  8. The heat of the sun changes water into water vapour by a process called _______.



  1. atmosphere

  2. filtration

  3. sedimentation

  4. humidity

  5. decantation

  6. chlorination

  7. revolution

  8. evaporation