Amazing Animals Worksheet-2

Amazing Animals Worksheet-2


  1. True/False:

a.    Animals are found only in the hot regions like desert.         

b.    Snake lives in caves.  

c.     Snakes live in burrows and desert is its habitat.

d.    Some desert animals burrow themselves during the day to get protection from heat.

e.    Feathers protect birds from their enemies.        

f.     Deer and goats have short and narrow teeth, which help them in pulling off the grass from the ground.        

g.    Squirrel and rabbit are rodents.         

h.    Insects breathe with the help of scales on their body.

i.     Snakes move with the help of scales present underside of their body.


  1. Match the column.


Fill in the blanks:

  1. A dry and often sandy region that receives very little rainfall is known as____.


  1. Animals that eat only flesh of other animals are known as____ animals.


Answer Key:

(11)   a. False

b. False

c. False

d. True

e. False

f. False

g. True

h. False

i. True

(12)  1-e; 2-a; 3-c; 4-b; 5-d

(13)  desert/ deserts

(14)  carnivore/ carnivores/ carnivorous