Animal Life Worksheet-8

Animal Life Worksheet-8


  1. What is the function of giraffe's large neck?

A. It helps them eat grass on the ground.

B. It helps them reach leaves on tall trees.

C. It stores water.

D. It make them look tall.


  1. What are the consumers that eat only plants called?

A. Carnivores    B. Herbivores   C. Omnivores   D. Decomposers


  1. Which of the following animal uses camouflage for survival?

A. Peacock         B. Cobra            C. Leaf bug        D. Cat


  1. What is defined as reproduction?

A. Growth of offspring                B. Production of offspring

C. Change in shape                      D. None of the above


  1. Which system brings the oxygen to the blood and removes the carbon dioxide as a waste?

A. Digestive system                      B. Skeletal system

C. Respiratory system                 D. Excretory system


  1. What do squirrels do to have food during winter when there is no food available for them?

A. Collect and store packaged food.

B. Dig deeper to get food from earth.

C. Collect and store nuts during summer and fall.

D. Borrow from other animals.


  1. Mammals are _____ animals.

A. cold blooded                                      

B. warm blooded

C. some warm and some cold blooded

D. none of the above


  1. What is a metamorphosis?

A. A process of consuming food.

B. Color changes in animals during development.

C. Physical changes in animals during development.

D. A mode of transportation in ocean animals.


  1. Which of the following is an essential step in sexual reproduction?

A. Hatching                                   B. Fertilization

C. Cell division                              D. Hydrogenation


  1. What does the respiratory system do?

A. Control all other body systems

B. Moves blood through the body

C. Brings oxygen to body cells and removes carbon dioxide

D. Removes liquid waste


Answer Key:

1.-(b); 2.-(b); 3.-(c); 4.-(b); 5.-(c); 6.-(c); 7.-(b); 8.-(c); 9.-(b); 10.-(c)