Basics of Biology Worksheet-2

Basics of Biology Worksheet-2


  1. Plant cells have a ______ cell wall.

A. blue                B. triple              C. thin                D. thick


  1. Which of the following is a one-celled organism?

A. Fungus          B. Fly                  C. Bacteria        D. Termite


  1. Which of the following statement is true about bacteria?

A. All bacteria are harmful       

B. All bacteria are useful

C. Some bacteria are one-celled and some are multicelled

D. Some bacteria are useful and some are harmful


  1. What is needed in plant cells to make their own food?

A. Membrane                                B. Oxygen         

C. Chlorophyll                               D. Nucleus


  1. Group of similar type of cells that work together is called _____.

A. Unicellular   B. Amoeba        C. Organ            D. Tissue


  1. Which of the following is not a way to classify organism?

A. Physical characteristics         B. Magnetic property

C. Cell type                                   D. Body form


  1. Find the missing group in which an organism can be classified? 1. Kingdom, 2. Phylum, 3. Class, 4. Order, 5. Family, 6. Genus, 7. ____

A. Bacteria        B. Multicell       C. Species          D. Animal


  1. A Phylum group is divided into groups of _____.

A. Class              B. Order           C. Kingdom       D. Family


  1. How old are the Fossils?

A. Thousands of years to many millions of years old.

B. Some are few days old and some are few years old.

C. Almost new.

D. Few years old.


  1. Which of the following is an example of fossil?

A. Animals preserved as mummies

B. Cell walls preserved in layers of rocks

C. Skeletons preserved in layers of rocks

D. Skeletons preserved in lab jars


Answer Key:

1.-(d); 2.-(c); 3.-(d); 4.-(c); 5.-(d); 6.-(b); 7.-(c); 8.-(a); 9.-(a); 10.-(c)