Clothes-Our Protector Worksheet-1

Clothes-Our Protector Worksheet-1


Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. People wear ______ types of clothes.

(a) different                (b) same


  1. Clothes are made of ______ materials.

(a) different                (b) same


  1. From morning to night, we wear ______ types of clothes.

(a) different                (b) same


  1. We wear _____ clothes at home.

(a) loose, comfortable

(b) tight, uncomfortable


  1. The need for clothing was felt first by _____ man.

(a) modern                 (b) early


  1. ______ used leaves and skins of dead animals to cover their bodies.

(a) Early men             (b) Modern men


  1. We wear clothes due to many reasons, but the most important one is ________.

(a) Protection             (b) Shelter


  1. Clothes _______ us from the heat of the sun.

(a) protect                   (b) do not protect


  1. If we will not wear clothes, ______ dust in the air would settle on our bodies.

(a) no                           (b) all


  1. We wear _____ to keep ourselves dry during the rain.

(a) gumboots              (b) woollen clothes   (c) cotton clothes


Answer Key:

(1)-a; (2)-a; (3)-a; (4)-a; (5)-b; (6)-a; (7)-a; (8)-a; (9)-b; (10)-a