Volcanoes, Earthquakes & Tidal Waves Worksheet-3

Volcanoes, Earthquakes & Tidal Waves Worksheet-3


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. Molten rock found within the Earth’s surface is known as:

(A) Lava                      (B) Magma                 (C) None of these


  1. The zone of active volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean is known as:

(A) Pacific ring of Volcanoes

(B) Pacific ring of Water

(C) Pacific Ring of Fire


  1. Magma comes out from ___ and reaches the ___ through cracks.

(A) Mantle, core        (B) Mantle, crust       (C) Core, crust


  1. A vertical tunnel through which molten rock comes out is known as:

(A) Crater                             (B) Vent                      (C) Canal


  1. The first seismograph was made in:

(A) Korea                     (B) Japan                   (C) China


  1. The point on the Earth’s surface directly above the focus of an earthquake is known as:

(A) Focus                    (B) Epicentre             (C) Aftershocks


  1. Olympus Mons is the largest extinct volcanic mountain in the solar system formed by 28 km (in diameter) deep crater at its peak. It is present in:

(A) Earth                     (B) Mars                     (C) Jupiter


  1. The waves of energy that travel through the Earth’s surface as a result of an earthquake is known as:

(A) Earthquake waves

(B) Seismic waves

(C) Tsunami waves


  1. Which of the following precaution/s should be taken to avoid accident/s during earthquake?

(A) Don’t run in panic and push each other on the staircase

(B) Run to the terrace

(C) Collect the valuable belongings


  1. Earthquakes generate seismic waves which can be detected with a sensitive instrument called a:

(A) Seismograph       (B) Radiograph         (C) Seismogram


  1. Which of the following logarithmic scale is used to measure the magnitude (intensity) of an earthquake?

(A) Ritcher scale

(B) Earthquake measuring scale

(C) Ratio scale


  1. A series of huge ocean waves caused by undersea earthquake, volcanic eruptions, landslides etc., are known as:

(A) Tidal waves          (B) Oceanic waves    (C) None of these


Answer Key:

(1)-(B); (2)-(C); (3)-(B); (4)-(B); (5)-(C); (6)-(B); (7)-(B); (8)-(B); (9)-(A); (10)-(A); (11)-(A); (12)-(A)