Air, Water & Weather Worksheet-8

Air, Water & Weather Worksheet-8


Multiple Choice Question (More than One Option Correct)

  1. Air contains:

(a) Water vapour      (b) Dust                       (c) Gas

(d) House                   (e) Tent                       (f) Road


  1. Water exists in these forms.

(a) Snow                      (b) Liquid water        (c) Water vapour


  1. Mark the methods to purify water.

(a) Evaporation         (b) Condensation      (c) Filtration

(d) Decantation         (e) Boiling


  1. Water is very important to us for:

(a) Bathing                 (b) Clothing                (c) Washing

(d) Drinking


  1. Weather is the condition of:

(a) Air                          (b) Clouds                   (c) Rain

(d) Sun



  1. (a, b, c)
  2. (a, b, c)
  3. (c, d, e)
  4. (a, b, c, d)
  5. (a, b, c, d)