Safety and First Aid Worksheet-2

Safety and First Aid Worksheet-2


Multiple Choice Questions (with more than one option):

  1. One should look _____ before crossing a road.

(A) Right                     (B) Up                          (C) Front

(D) Back                      (E) Left


  1. Mark the things that can be used to put off the fire.

(A) Fire extinguisher

(B) Silk clothes

(C) Water

(D) Sand

(E) Rocks


  1. True/False

a.      We can stay safe by being careless.

b.      Playing with sharp objects like razors, knife, scissors etc will not harm us.

c.      Accidents can occur inside as well as outside the house.

d.      Running up and down on staircase is an unsafe practice.

e.      We should park the vehicles in the no parking area.

f.       Synthetic and nylon clothes can catch fire easily.

g.      A paste of baking soda and antiseptic cream is applied on bee and wasp sting.

h.      Playing on the roadside will not harm us.

i.       We should stand in a queue while boarding a bus.

j        We should keep bathroom floors wet when not in use to reduce the risk of accidents.


Fill in the blanks:

  1. The first or immediate help given to an injured person before taking him/her to a hospital is known as ____.      


Answer Key:

(10)  (A,E)

(11)   (A,C,D)

(12)  a.-False; b.-False; c.-True; d.-True; e.-False; f.-True; g.-True; h.-False; i.-True; j.-False

(13)  first aid/ first aids/ firstaid/ firstaids