Chemical reaction and equations worksheet-5

Chemical reaction and equations worksheet-5


Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. These symbols represent (s), (l), (g), (aq) ___________

  (A)Solid, gas liquid, aqueous          (B) Gas, solid, liquid, aqueous

       (C) Aqueous, liquid, gas, solid        (D) Solid, liquid, gas, aqueous


  1. Silver Chloride turns grey in sunlight due to

       (A) Combination reaction               (B) Photodecomposition

       (C) Redox reaction                           (D) Displacement reaction


  1. A chemical compound used for white washing.

(A) CaCO3            (B) Ca(OH)2          (C) CaO                (D) CoCl2

(E) CaSO4


  1. The color of iron nails dipped in copper soleplate solution, becomes

       (A) Yellow            (B) Blue                (C) Black              (D) Red–brown


  1. What is the chemical formula of Ferrous soleplate?

       (A) FeSO3               (B) FeSO2               (C) FeSO4               (D) FeS


  1. Which of the following is a displacement reaction?






  1. 2SO2(g) + O2(g) → 2SO3(g) Is a _________reaction

(A) Combination reaction               (B) Endothermic reaction

(C) Precipitation reaction               (D) Color of reaction mixture changes


  1. When lead nitrate powder is heated brown fumes are observed, these brown fumes are of -

(A) Lead Oxide                                    (B) Nitrogen di-Oxide

(C) Oxygen(D) Lead nitrate             (D) Lead nitrate


  1. What is  the chemical  formula of Plumbous ion and Nitrate ion

(A) Pb+3, NO3     (B) Pb+, NO2+       (C) Pb+4, NO+       (D) Pb+2, NO

(E) Pb2+, NO3


  1. What happens when dilute hydrochloric acid is added to iron fillings?

(A) Hydrogen gas and ferrous chloride are produced

(B) Chlorine gas and ferric hydroxide are produced.

(C)  Ferric chloride and water are produced

(D) No reaction takes place.


Answer keys:

  1. (D)

  2. (B) Silver chloride dissociates into silver and chloride using light energy.

  1. (C) Calcium oxide on reaction with water gives calcium hydroxide or slaked lime. Slaked lime is applied on the wall of buildings.

  2. (D) A red- brown coating of copper metal is formed on the surface of ironnails.

  3. (C) FeSO3 is ferrous sulphite, FeSO2 the formula is wrong, and FeS is ferrous sulphide. Valency of iron is 3 or 2, Sulphate is 2

  4. (C)

  5. (A) As sulphur-di-oxide combines with oxygen forming sulphur –tri-oxide.

  6. (B) 

  7. (E) Pb+4  plumbic ion, NO+   Nitronium ion

  8. (A) Fe + 2HCl → FeCl2 + H2(g)