Science olympiad practice test part-4

Interactive quizzes & worksheets on a good house & occupation, food, matter &materials, measurements and transport & means of communication for grade-3 olympiad science students.
Pattern of questions : Multiple Choice Questions

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  1. The seed coat, is the outer covering of the seed.

(A) True             (B) False


  1. Plants use energy from the sun to make food. This is when light changes to energy.

(A) mechanical                             (B) chemical

(C) electrical

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  1. Shocks, lightning, or wires in the house is called energy. An example would be getting shocked from touching a metal doorknob.

(A) Chemical energy                    (B) light

(C) sound

science olympiad grade 3

  1. What are humans?

(A) Amphibians                            (B) Mammals

(C) Marsupials                              (D) Reptiles


  1. Which inquiry skill do you use when you identify how things are alike or different?

(A) compare                                  (B) formulate methods

(C) predict                                     (D) infer

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  1. Which of the following tools would you use to measure the height of a book?

(A) measuring cups                     (B) balance

(C) ruler


Answer Keys

(19)–A; (20)–B; (21)–B; (22)–B; (23)–A; (24)–B