Clothes-Our Protector Worksheet-2

Clothes-Our Protector Worksheet-2


Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. We wear gumboots to keep ourselves dry during the_____ season.

(a) summer                (b) rainy                      (c) winter


  1. We wear _____ to keep ourselves dry during the rain.

(a) raincoat                 (b) woollen clothes   (c) cotton clothes


  1. We wear raincoat to keep ourselves dry during the _____ season.

(a) summer                (b) rainy                      (c) winter


  1. People need clothes to keep themselves ______.

(a) warm                     (b) wet


  1. Which of the following would give warmth to the body and protect us from cold?

(a) Raincoat                (b) Woollen clothes  (c) Cotton clothes


  1. Rearing ______ clothes can save us from mosquito bites.

(a) sleeveless              (b) full-sleeved


  1. Wearing full-sleeved clothes can save us from _____ bites.

(a) mosquito               (b) plant


  1. When we wear _____ clothes, we feel good.

(a) nice                        (b) dirty


  1. _______ help us to identify the job of a person.

(a) Clothes                  (b) Food                      (c) Shelter


  1. People wear ______ clothes according to the job they do.

(a) different                (b) same


Answer Key:

(1)-b; (2)-a; (3)-b; (4)-a; (5)-b; (6)-b; (7)-a; (8)-a; (9)-a; (10)-a