Crop production and management Worksheet-12

Crop production and management Worksheet-12


  1. Why is ploughing necessary before sowing the seeds? Give three reasons.

  2. Why crop rotation is useful for farmers?

  3. What are weeds? Why is it necessary to remove weeds from our fields?

  4. What is irrigation? Describe two methods or irrigation which conserves water.

  5. Name three natural methods of replenishing the nutrients of the soil. Are these natural methods sufficient to maintain the fertility of the soil?

  6. Name the three types of crops in our country and give two examples of each.

  7. Give three reasons, why soil should be turned and loosened?

  8. What are the three steps involved in the preparation of soil?

  9. Name the three tools used for ploughing and give the function of each.

  10. Why is it essential to sow seeds at an appropriate distance?

  11. How is organic manure obtained?

  12. Give three reasons. Why water is important for plants?

  13. What are the advantages of sprinkler system of irrigation?

  14. Give the advantages of using the drip system of irrigation.

  15. Explain the manual method of removing weeds.

  16. What is meant by transplantation? How is it done?

  17.  (a) What are the two ways of sowing the seeds?

(b) Give any three advantages of ploughing.

  1. (a) What will happen if field is not ploughed before sowing the seeds? Give any two disadvantages.

(b) How are perishable food items stored on a commercial scale?

(c) Why should excessive supply of water be avoided?

(d) What are weeds?

  1. (a) Why does farmer rotate crops in the field?

(b) Differentiate between manure and fertilizers.     

(c) How are crops protected from pests?

(d) What precautions should be observed while spraying pesticides in the field?

  1. (a) Why is soil turned and loosened before seeds are sown?

(b) What are broadcasting and transplantation?

(c) Name two plants that are transplanted.

  1. List the steps involved in crop production in a flow chart.

  2. Explain the method used these days to sow seeds.

  3. What are the advantages of organic manure?

  4. How does a plough work?

  5. Write a paragraph in your own words on each of the following:

(a) Preparation of soil                 (b) Sowing

(c)  Weeding                                 (d) Threshing