Earth, Sun & Moon Worksheet-3

Earth, Sun & Moon Worksheet-3


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. IAU stands for:

(A) Indian Astronomical Union

(B) International Astronomical Union

(C) Indian Astronomical Unit


  1. The thickness of the crust varies from ____ under the ocean floor to ___ under the continents.

(A) 5 km, 70 km        (B) 5 km, 60 km        (C) 15 km, 70 km


  1. What is the thickness of the outer core of the Earth’s layer?

(A) 2350 km               (B) 2300 km               (C) 3200 km


  1. What is the thickness of mantle?

(A) 2930 km               (B) 2900 km               (C) 2890 km


  1. How far is the Sun from the Earth?

(A) 1.5 million km     (B) 15 million km      (C) 1.7 million km


  1. What is the diameter of the Sun?

(A) 1392000 km        (B) 1932000 km        (C) 1293000 km


  1. The energy we get from the Sun is known as:

(A) Sun energy           (B) Solar energy        (C) Heat energy


  1. Which of the following planet is closest to the Earth?

(A) Mercury                (B) Saturn                   (C) Venus


  1. Which of the following planets has the largest number of natural satellites (more than 60)?

(A) Saturn                   (B) Uranus                  (C) Jupiter


  1. How much time does Uranus take to complete one revolution?

(A) 83 years                (B) 84 years                (C) 85 years


Answer Key:

(1)-(B); (2)-(A); (3)-(B); (4)-(B); (5)-(A); (6)-(A); (7)-(B); (8)-(B); (9)-(C); (10)-(B)