Air, Water & Weather Worksheet-13

Air, Water & Weather Worksheet-13


True / False

  1. The sun changes the states of water and causes humidity and rain.

  2. The amount of water vapour in the air is called humidity.

  3. Water vapour rises up in the air where it gets heated and condenses on dust particles.

  4. Dust particles present in the air form tiny droplets of water when condensed.

  5. When water vapours are formed, water droplets come together to form clouds.

  6. When the clouds become saturated, they are not able to hold water droplets.

  7. Water droplets in the clouds fall down as rain.

  8. Air is all around us.

  9. The movement in which Earth moves on its own axis is called revolution.

  10. Rotation causes day and night.



  1. True

  2. True

  3. True

  4. True

  5. True

  6. True

  7. True

  8. True

  9. False

  10. True