Basics of Biology Worksheet-1

 Basics of Biology Worksheet-1 


  1. What does chloroplast contain?

A. Nucleus                                     B. Chlorophyll 

C. Chromosomes                          D. Waste


  1. Animal cell does not have a cell wall but are covered with a _____.

A. powdery substance                 B. rope like structure

C. thin membrane                        D. thick membrane


  1. Which of the following part is missing from a bacterium?

A. Nucleus                                     B. Cell wall                

C. Chromosomes                          D. Cytoplasm


  1. A bacterium reproduces by _____.

A. dividing into two                      B. laying eggs

C. having babies                           D. photocopying


  1. What is the most common shape of a plant cell?

A. Round           B. Box type        C. Tube              D. Threadlike


  1. Why do scientists classify organisms?

A. To have fun.                                      

B. To know more about sea life.

C. To know all of the living organisms, about 2.5 million of them, in a better way.

D. To study a large number of living organisms, about 2.5 million of them, in a better way.

  1. Organisms are more ______ to each other in a smaller classification group than they are in a larger classification group.

A. similar           B. different        C. happy            D. apart


  1. Organisms in a family are further classified into different ______.

A. Class              B. Order             C. Kingdom       D. Genus


  1. What are the Fossils?

A. Fossils are old living animals.       

B. Dried and pressed fruits.

C. Fossils are the remains of creatures which existed long ago.

D. A type of bacteria.


  1. Which of the following animals is known by its fossils only?

A. Whale            B. Dinosaur       C. Fruit fly         D. Polar Bear


Answer Key:

1.-(b); 2.-(c); 3.-(a); 4.-(a); 5.-(b); 6.-(d); 7.-(a); 8.-(d); 9.-(c); 10.-(b)