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Interactive quizzes & worksheets on human body, our clothes, our surrounding, safety and first aid and the story of fire for grade-3 olympiad science students.
Pattern of questions : Multiple Choice Questions

science worksheets 3rd grade



  1. Gas is burned in a car engine. It is when a chemical energy changes into energy.

(A) mechanical energy                (B) heat energy

(C) electrical energy


  1. Coal, wood and oil are used to heat homes. This is when chemical energy changes to energy.

(A) sound energy                          (B) heat energy

(C) light energy


  1. Energy of moving objects such as parts of machines like a car. It is called________ energy.

(A) mechanical energy                (B) electrical energy

(C) chemical energy

science olympiad grade 3

  1. Dinosaurs first evolved on earth about 300 million years ago.

(A) True             (B) False


  1. If you want to measure the mass of an apple, which tool would you use?

(A) meter stick                              (B) balance

(C) graduated cylinder                (D) microscope

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  1. Which of the following pairs of tools are used to measure length?

(A) measuring spoon and ruler

(B) measuring tape and ruler

(C) graduated cylinder and microscope

(D) hand lens and balance


Answer Keys

(13)–A; (14)–B; (15)–A; (16)–B; (17)–B; (18)–B