Metals and non metals Worksheet-8

Metals and non metals Worksheet-8


Multiple-Choice Question (One Option Correct):

  1. What type of bond is formed between atoms of element with atomic numbers- x – 11, y – 17

(A) Covalent

(B) Ionic

(C) No compound can be formed

(D) Any of the bond can be formed


  1. Which of the following product is not obtained by electrolysis of brine?

(A) Chlorine                                      (B) Hydrogen      

(C) Sodium Chlorate                       (D) Sodium hydroxide


  1. Which of the following is obtained at anode during electrolysis of molten sodium chloride?

(A) Hydrogen                                    (B) Chlorine(g) 

(C) Sodium metal                             (D) NaOH


  1. The most abundant non-metal in the earth’s crust  is-

(A) Hydrogen      (B) Oxygen          (C) Silicon            (D) Carbon


  1. Malachite is an ore of-

(A) Mg                 (B) Cu                    (C) Zn                   (D) Fe


  1. Zinc blende is concentrated by

(A) Gravity separation                     (B) Forth floatation

(C) Electromagnetic Method          (D) All of these


  1. Carbon is the most common reducing agent. It is used for the extraction of

(A) Cu                   (B) Sn                    (C) Cr

(D) Pb, Zn, Fe      (E) Both A & B    (F) Both B & C


  1. A substance which reacts with gangue to form fusible material is called

(A) Flux                (B) Catalyst          (C) Ore                 (D) Slag


  1. The product formed by reaction of gangue with flux is called

(A) Catalyst         (B) Ore                 (C) Slag                (D) Matrix


  1. In the froth floatation process for dressing  of ores, the ore particle float on the surface because-

(A) They are light                             (B) They bear electrostatic charge.

(C) They are insoluble.                    (D) They are  wetted by oil


Answer key:

  1. (B) X-atomic number-11-E.Fg-2,8,1 the element is Sodium Y-atomic number-17-E.fg- 2,8,7    the element is Chlorine

  2. (C)

  3. (B) Anode-Positive Electrode- the negative chloride ions are attracted to the anode.The chloride ions give electrons to the anode and get oxidized to chlorine gas.

  1. (B)

  2. (B) Formula of malachite - CuCO3.Cu(OH)2

  3. (B) The formula of Zinc blende  is ZnS The sulphide ores are concentrated by froth floatation.

  4. (E) Moderately reactive metals like zinc, iron, tin and lead can be obtained by reduction of their oxides by carbon.

  5. (A)

  6. (C)

  7. (D) Ores stick to the oil droplets and rise to the surface in the form of froth supported by air bubbles.