Nutrition in animals Worksheet-4

Nutrition in animals Worksheet-4


True/False Questions:

  1. Saliva contains 90% of water and the other 10% is made up of many enzymes.


Fill in the blanks:

  1. The components of food that are being utilized by animals are called as_______.
  2. Undigested food passes into the large intestines and ejected out through______.
  3. Large intestine ends into ______.
  4. Food is digested by special chemicals called _____.
  5. In hydra, _____ are used for ingesting food.
  6. A fleshy muscular organ attached at the back to the floor of the buccal cavity is known as _____.
  7. The inner walls of the small intestine have thousands of finger-like outgrowths. These are called _______.
  8. Ruminants swallow the grass and store it in a separate part of the stomach called _______.


Answer Key:

  1. True
  2. Nutrients/ nutrient
  3. Nutrients/ nutrient
  4. Rectum
  5. Enzymes/enzyme
  6. Tentacles/tentacle
  7. Tongue
  8. Villi
  9. Rumen