Animal Life Worksheet-9

Animal Life Worksheet-9


  1. ______ is an inherited behavior that does not need thinking before using it.

A. Instinct                                     B. Mimicry

C. Understanding                         D. Blending


  1. What are the consumers that eat only animals called?

A. Carnivores    B. Herbivores   C. Omnivores   D. Decomposers


  1. Reacting to a sudden noise is _______.

A. a taught behavior                    B. a form of mimicry

C. an inherited behavior             D. a learned behavior


  1. Which one is not a type of reproduction mechanism in animals?

A. budding                                     B. fertilization

C. regeneration                             D. oxidation


  1. What is the main component of the respiratory system?

A. Heart             B. Lungs            C. Stomach       D. Brain


  1. Animals that kill and eat other animals are called ______.

A. food                                            B. prey               

C. strong animals                         D. predators


  1. Birds have ______ that cover their skins.

A. fur                  B. coat                C. feathers         D. hair


  1. The time period from birth to death of an organism is called ______.

A. Time cycle                                B. Life days

C. Life cycle                                   D. Life span


  1. What is the primary function of mouth and teeth?

A. It helps swallow the food.     

B. It helps smell the food.

C. It helps in chewing and grinding of food into small pieces.

D. It helps cutting the food.


  1. What does the nervous system do?

A. Breaks down food for energy        

B. Removes liquid waste

C. Moves blood through the body

D. Control all other body systems


Answer Key:

1.-(a); 2.-(a); 3.-(c); 4.-(d); 5.-(b); 6.-(d); 7.-(c); 8.-(d); 9.-(c); 10.-(d)