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Interactive quizzes & worksheets on basics of chemistry, basics of physics and plant & animal life for grade-4 olympiad science students.
Pattern of questions : Multiple Choice Questions

Basics of Chemistry Worksheet-8


  1. What would you get when you combine two or more elements and no chemical process takes place?

A. Mixture         B. Compound   C. Solution        D. Liquid


  1. This form of matter takes neither the shape of its container nor the volume of its container.

A. Solid              B. Liquid            C. Gas                 D. None of the above


  1. Which of the following is a mixture?

A. Lemonade                                  B. Iron filings in sand

C. Pepsi                                           D. All of these


  1. The metal used to make an aircraft must be ____ and ____.

A. Waterproof and heavy           B. Flexible and strong

C. Light and strong                      D. Hard and shiny.


  1. Identify the object which is made up of plastic.

A.     B.  C.         D.


  1. Which of the following is a chemical change?

A. Melting ice                                B. Burning Paper

C. Bending a copper wire            D. Breaking a glass


  1. If an object A has more mass than object B, then what must be true?

A. That object A will be brighter.

B. That object B will be brighter.

C. That object A will have more weight than object B.

D. That object A will have less weight than object B.


  1. Which of the following factor causes the weight of an object to be felt by us?

A. Light from the Sun                  B. Pull of the gravity

C. Heat of the Earth                     D. Volume of the water on the Earth


Answer Keys:

(1)–(a); (2)–(a); (3)–(d); (4)–(c); (5)–(c); (6)–(b); (7)–(c); (8)–(b)