Science olympiad grade 3-Test-12

science olympiad grade 3


  1. Dinosaurs first evolved on earth about 300 million years ago.

(A) True             (B) False


  1. Animals that eat other animals are called.

(A) carnivores  (B) omnivore    (C) herbivores  (D) predator

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  1. What do sea jellies, earthworms, and spiders have in common?

(A) they all have 8 legs

(B) they all have stinging body parts

(C) they are all animals with backbones

(D) they are all animals without backbones


  1. Which of these soils has the smallest grains of rock?

(A) red clay                                    (B) silt from a river

(C) sand at the beach                  (D) sand in a playground


Answer Keys

(45)–B; (46)–A; (47)–D; (48)–B