Safety & First Aid Worksheet-5

Safety & First Aid Worksheet-5


Multiple Choice Questions: (More than One Option)

  1. Mark the things that are present in the first aid box.

[A] Antiseptic cream                   [B] Sterilized gauze

[C] Cotton pads                            [D] Crepe bandage

[E] Water                                       [F] Ice


  1. We should follow safety rules:

[A] At home                                   [B] At school

[C] On the road                             [D] In the playground


  1. What do we need for a deeper cut on the skin?

[A] Cotton pads                            [B] Sterilized bandage

[C] Calamine lotion


Fill in the Blanks:

  1. A narrow bridge used only by people who are walking is called _______.

  2. The immediate help given to an injured person before proper medical help arrives is called _____.

  3. To make something completely clean and free of germs is known as ______.

  4. The thin cotton cloth which is used for covering wounds is called ______.

  5. We should follow _______ rules to avoid the accidents.

  6. The full form of ORS is ________.


Answer Key:

  1. A,B,C,D

  2. A,B,C,D

  3. A,B

  4. foot bridge

  5. first aid

  6. sterilize

  7. gauze

  8. safety

  9. Oral Rehydration Solution