Our Food-Teeth & Digestion Worksheet-5

Our Food-Teeth & Digestion Worksheet-5


Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. Which of the following part of the teeth forms the central part of the tooth?

(a) Enamel                  (b) Pulp                       (c) Dentine


  1. What is the hard white part on the outside of a teeth called?

(a) Enamel                  (b) Pulp                       (c) Dentine


  1. Which of the following part of the teeth lies below the enamel?

(a) Dentine                 (b) Pulp


  1. What is present inside the dentine?

(a) Enamel                  (b) Pulp


  1. What is a yellow sticky layer of germs that forms on the teeth called?

(a) Plaque                   (b) Toothache


  1. Brush your teeth at least ______ a day.

(a) twice                      (b) thrice                     (c) once


  1. What is a smooth thread made of a silky material used to clean between the teeth called?

(a) Floss                      (b) Closs                      (c) Moss


  1. Which mineral is very important for strong teeth?

(a) Iodine                    (b) Calcium                (c) Iron


  1. We get ______ mainly from milk.

(a) Iodine                    (b) Calcium                 (c) Iron


  1. The food canal when stretched out in a straight line measures about ______ metres.

(a) eleven                    (b) ten                          (c) twelve


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-A; (3)-A; (4)-B; (5)-A; (6)-A; (7)-A; (8)-B; (9)-B; (10)-B