Plant Life Worksheet-1

 Plant Life Worksheet-1 


  1. Which process is not a part of plant's reproduction cycle.

A. Flowering                                 B. Pollination

C. Germination                             D. Watering


  1. A fertilized egg of a plant turns into _____.

A. Root               B. Food              C. Fruit              D. Flower


  1. Which of the following is not a type of Pollination?

A. Pollination by bees                 B. Pollination by wind and water

C. Pollination by birds                D. Pollination by earthworms


  1. Evergreen plants live in a ____ climate and Cacti plants lives in a ____ climate.

A. moist, dry                                 B. hot, cool

C. cool, hot                                     D. dry, moist


  1. What will happen to a plant if it is kept without sunlight for a very long time?

A. It will survive well because it will be able to make food.

B. It will die because it will not be able to breath.

C. It will have no impact.

D. It will die because it will not be able to make food.


  1. Which of the following is not a mechanism for seed distribution in nature?

A. Wind and moving water        B. Dragged by reptiles

C. Exploding fruits                      D. Sticking to animal


  1. The attractive colorful part of a flower is called ____.

A. Anther          B. Petal              C. Pistil              D. Sepal


  1. What part of a leaf contains chlorophyll?

A. Epidermis    B. Vein               C. Stomata        D. Chloroplast


  1. What is the part of a flower that makes pollen?

A. Stem              B. Pistil              C. Anther           D. Sepal


  1. Plants which do not have seeds have _____ for reproducing new plants.

A. Spores                                       B. Roots

C. Angiosperms                            D. Flowers


Answer Key:

1.-(d); 2.-(c); 3.-(d); 4.-(c); 5.-(d); 6.-(b); 7.-(b); 8.-(d); 9.-(c); 10.-(a)