Forest-The Elixir of Life Worksheet-2

Forest-The Elixir of Life Worksheet-2


Fill in Blanks.

  1. A food chain involves the transfer of _____.


  1. In villages, burning of fuel wood must be discouraged and _____ should be used for cooking purpose.


  1. The interdependent of living organisms and abiotic components of the physical environment forms an _____.


  1. Forests form a part of _____ ecosystem.


  1. All green plants are called ____.


  1. ____ is an alkaloid obtained from Cinchona tree.


  1. Green plants form the first level in a _____.


  1. ____ help in humus formation which enrich the soil with nutrients.


  1. Growing more trees on barren lands is a method to check _____.


  1. Cactus is an example of _____ plant.


True or False.

  1. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas.


  1. Interdependence of living organisms for their mutual benefit makes an ecosystem.


  1. Paper is a forest product.


  1. A single food chain can exist in nature.


  1. Afforestation leads to soil erosion.


Answer Key:

  1. energy
  2. Biogas
  3. ecosystem
  4. Dynamic
  5. producers
  6. Quinine
  7. food chain
  8. Decomposers
  9. Soil conservation
  10. xerophyte
  11. True
  12. True
  13. True
  14. False
  15. False