Amazing Animals Worksheet-5

Amazing Animals Worksheet-5


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. Sahara desert is the world’s ____ desert.

      (A) Smallest                (B) Coolest                  (C) Hottest


  1. Which of the following statement is incorrect for desert animals?

      (A) They have special body features that protect them from hot and dry region

      (B) They can live without water for a longtime

      (C) They have thin skin to avoid water loss


  1. A hard outer covering of the beetle’s body is known as:

      (A) Cuticle                  (B) Chitin                    (C) Coat


  1. Which of the following is the world’s largest habitat?

      (A) Forest                    (B) Ocean                    (C) Desert


  1. The Southern ocean is also known as:

      (A) The Atlantic ocean

      (B) The Antarctic ocean

      (C) The Pacific ocean


  1. Leaf mimic katydid

The insect in the given figure ___ to protect themself from predators.

      (A) Hibernates           (B) Aestivates             (C) Camouflages


  1. Spider use their _____ for catching prey.

      (A) Legs                       (B) Webs                     (C) Abdomen


  1. The migration of this bird is thought to be the ____ migration among birds.

      (A) Longest                 (B) Shortest                (C) Highest


  1. The  body of this animal is covered with the scales. It lay eggs. It is not an amphibian. Identify the animal.

      (A) Fish                       (B) Crocodile              (C) Snake


Miscellaneous Questions:

  1. Mark the animal/s that is/are found in polar regions.

      (A) Penguin                 (B) Bear                       (C) Polar bear

      (D) Seal                       (E) Walrus


  1. Mark the carnivorous animal/s.

      (A) Cow                       (B) Lion                       (C) Wolf

      (D) Human being      (E) Tiger


Answer Key:

(1)-(C); (2)-(C); (3)-(A); (4)-(B); (5)-(B); (6)-(C); (7)-(B); (8)-(A); (9)-(A); (10)-(A,C,D,E); (11)-(B,C,E)