Animal Life Worksheet-7

Animal Life Worksheet-7


  1. What type of adaptation is where one animal imitates the traits of  another animal?

A. Reflex                                         B. Camouflage

C. Instinct                                       D. Mimicry


  1. In the food chain, Plants are the ______.

A. Producers                                  B. Consumers

C. Decomposers                            D. None of the above


  1. When do birds start migrating from cold weather?

A. During the start of the winter

B. During the middle of the winter

C. During the end of the winter

D. During the start of the summer


  1. What does "life span of an animal" mean?

A. It tells how tall an animal is.

B. It tells how long an animal lives.

C. It tells how big an animal is.

D. It tells how will an animal lives.


  1. What are the two kinds of blood vessels?

A. Arteries and Veins                 B. Red and White

C. Plasma and Cells                     D. Left and right


  1. Which of the following animal does not get continuous supply of food around the year?

A. Dolphin         B. Shark             C. Polar Bear    D. Humans


  1. How many legs do mammals have?

A. 2                     B. 4                     C. 6                     D. 8


  1. Animals without the backbone or spine column are classified as _____.

A. Vertebrate                                B. Invertebrate

C. Spinal                                         D. Inspinal


  1. Which of the following animal undergoes metamorphosis?

A. Lions                                          B. Humans

C. Dolphins                                    D. Monarch butterflies


  1. What is heredity?

A. Passing of traits from offspring to parent.

B. Passing of traits from parent to offspring.

C. Passing of wealth from parent to offspring.

D. Living with parent.


Answer Key:

1.-(d); 2.-(a); 3.-(a); 4.-(b); 5.-(a); 6.-(c); 7.-(b); 8.-(b); 9.-(d); 10.-(b)